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Updated September 20, 2022:
Discussions Continue Regarding Greystone Manor

Colleyville held its second discussion on Greystone Manor, a proposed neighborhood near the roundabout at McDonwell School Road and Westcoat Drive. Some residents voiced their concerns and others showed support for the development. Colleyville City Council held a special meeting Sept. 19 to hear from the applicant Hat Creek Development and from community members. This was only a discussion of the matter and no vote was taken.

Greystone Manor is a proposed 49-unit neighborhood on 59.47 acres of land. Hat Creek Development stated in a letter to the city that home prices would start at about $2.5 million. During council’s July 19 meeting, concerns for traffic, density, drainage and the location of the neighborhood’s entrance were voiced to council. The proposed development initially had 56 lots, but Colleyville Community Development Director Ben Bryner said this has been scaled down to 49 units to include additional open space.

According to Colleyville’s Land Development Code, 20% of a planned unit development’s project area must be allotted for open space. Greystone Manor’s proposed open space is 13.23% of the total development, which is less than the required amount, Bryner said.Open space was one of the concerns for community members who spoke in the public comment portion of the meeting. Colleyville resident Dee Kelley said open space was one of the reasons why she moved to the city. During her comment, she said council members were elected on the promise of keeping open space in Colleyville.
“The developer does not have the right to develop land that would be in conflict with the land development code,” Kelley said.

The location of the neighborhood’s entrance is another concern for the development. Some residents want the neighborhood’s entrance to stay with the initial proposed plan of being located at West McDonwell School Road and Westcoat Drive. Colleyville resident Gary Fick, who lives on East McDonwell School Road, said he supports the development, but is against putting entry and exit gates on the east side. He said putting the entrance on the east would force residents to reconstruct driveways, move sprinkler systems and create other issues for the residents.
“The entry and exits were fine [in the] original design with both of them being on the west side,” Fick said in the meeting. “When you force one on the east side, you cause a major impact to those of us who live on McDonwell School east.”
Those in support of moving the entrance to East McDonwell School Road cite concerns for traffic increase on Westcoat Drive and its roundabout connected to West McDonwell School Road.

Hat Creek Development President Kosse Maykus addressed the concerns brought up in the meeting. During his presentation, he said the traffic study completed showed no additional auxiliary lanes are needed, and access spacing and site distance are adequate. The presentation also said the Greystone Manor development is “anticipated to have little impact on the neighboring intersections.”

“We’re trying to make a beautiful neighborhood,” Maykus said. “This will not be a production builder neighborhood ... We have selected the very best builders in the marketplace. They will build great homes.”

The next hearing for Greystone Manor is scheduled during Colleyville City Council’s Oct. 3 meeting. A supermajority vote is required due to the opposition to the proposal, according to the meeting’s presentation.
“We’re going to work as long as we need on this,” Mayor Bobby Lindamood said in the meeting. “We are a community [and] we all have a huge passion for Colleyville.”

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Previously reported July 20, 2022:
Colleyville residents voice support, concerns over proposed 56-lot subdivision

Colleyville City Council held its first discussion July 19 on a proposal for the residential development called Greystone Manor. Opinion on the new subdivision is divided within the Colleyville community. The subdivision has been proposed near the roundabout at McDonwell School Road and Westcoat Drive, according to a statement of planning objectives provided by Hat Creek Development. Hat Creek Development stated in a letter to the city that home prices would start at about $2.5 million. The developer is requesting 59.47 acres to be rezoned from agriculture and single-family estate residential to a planned unit development district with 56 lots. The intent for rezoning is to unify the property into one cohesive, master planned residential development of the highest quality, the planning objective stated.

Council members voiced concerns during the meeting over the development’s drainage and traffic. Community Development Director Ben Bryner told council that the developer has not yet conducted a traffic study. Mayor Pro Tem Kathy Wheat said she was concerned over the neighborhood cutting off public access to sidewalks that connect to Pleasant Run Soccer Complex and Park. Wheat said the development should mirror the Oak Alley neighborhood, which made all of its sidewalks and trails publicly accessible.

"It's crucial there's pedestrian access," Wheat said. "I think that's really important."

Prior to the meeting, the council received five letters in support and more 20 letters in opposition to the development. Several concerns brought up during the public comment portion of the meeting related to drainage, increased traffic, the project's density and the ability to maintain Colleyville's unique character.

"Let's please do what is best for Colleyville," resident Kelly Miller said during public comment. "Let's make wise decisions when planning and zoning, so we don't realize one day that Colleyville has lost the very qualities that helped make it unique, quaint and desirable."

Residents who voiced support for the development want the subdivision to keep its original plans and have its main entrance on the west side of McDonwell School Road. Heidi Hughes was one attendee who voiced concerns about possibly moving the entrance to the east as it is a gravel road with farm houses and horse barns.


SOURCE: Community Impact -

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